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Terri always called. Bonnie Maness was worried now. Still, she thanked Terri's friend for the call and asked that he please have Terri call home as soon as anyone heard from her.

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Hanging up the phone, Bonnie Maness paced the floor, uncertain about what she should do next or how much time was considered a "reasonable" period to wait before taking steps to locate Terri. She and her husband both knew just how uncharacteristic it was for Terri not to show for work without calling someone. Their daughter had been steadily employed since moving out on her own several years before, and Terri had never failed to show for work. The Manesses were also realists. They knew the police and most other people would not consider a single morning long enough to declare someone missing or, for that matter, be concerned.

She was not calling to file a missing persons complaint, but to talk to her daughter's neighbor, Officer J. Learning that Stevenson had taken the day off, she dialed his home and was grateful for the sound of his voice when he answered. Bonnie knew he could help. Trying to remain as calm as possible, she expressed her concerns to J. Fifteen minutes passed before Bonnie Maness picked up the phone and once again heard J. Stevenson's voice. No, he told Terri's mom, Terri was not at home. No one had answered her door and, more important, her car was not parked in its usual spot in front of her unit.

He told Bonnie that he left a note on Terri's front door, asking that she call her parents as soon as she arrived home. But he also knew Terri, and he could sense the anxiety in her mother's voice. He told her about having seen Terri late the night before when she came after him for his signature.

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He tried to assure her that Terri was probably out taking care of an errand or an appointment. She must have driven it somewhere this morning. We'll just sit and wait for her to call us. Terri's parents knew their daughter like no one else. They doubted she had gone off to some mysterious appointment. If Terri had to be someplace besides work, she would have made certain someone knew where she was.

Bonnie and Gene struggled to believe that everything was all right, but parental intuition was getting the best of them. They sat together by the phone with foreboding anticipation. By that afternoon, Bonnie Maness could not wait a moment longer. Hours had passed with no word from Terri. She again called J.

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Stevenson at home. Far too concerned to be apologetic, Bonnie asked J. The officer told Bonnie that he would take another look next door, but added that Terri's car was still not in the parking lot. Still, J. It was, and within minutes he returned to tell Bonnie that nothing had changed. You have our permission to go in, whatever it takes, and see if she's there. Something is wrong, J. This is not like Terri, and I think you know that.

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Please do this for us," Gene Maness asked. He could feel their anxiety building by the minute, and he knew he had to help them. Before hanging up he agreed to call them as soon as he had finished. That call would be delayed. Nothing in his training, nothing in his twenty years of police experience would prepare him for what he would confront inside the town house next door. Approaching the front of Terri's house, J. Instinctively, he tried the lock a third time.

Suddenly Gone : The Kansas Murders of Serial Killer Richard Grissom

He rang the doorbell repeatedly before going around to the rear of the unit. He approached the sliding glass door that separated Terri's kitchen from her concrete patio. It too was locked, but J. Sliding it back just far enough to gain entry, he slipped inside the kitchen and began calling out Terri's name even though he was convinced she was not at home. He continued calling her name as he walked through the dining room and into the living room at the front of the house.

He worked his way upstairs to the bedrooms where he was careful to check inside closets and under beds. He felt a bit uneasy about looking in every nook and cranny of his neighbor's house but reasoned that he needed to tell Terri's parents that he checked everywhere. Returning to the main floor, J. He was already uncomfortable and felt certain that Terri would come home while he was looking around. Again, he remembered the promise of a complete search made to Terri's parents and proceeded to the lower level.

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Will include dust jacket if it originally came with one. Text will be unmarked and pages crisp. Satisfaction is guaranteed with every order. See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. New other : lowest price. About this product Product Information First, legal secretary Teri Maness is found murdered in her Witchita town house in the summer of Two weeks later, Joan Butler disappears from her Overland Park apartment.

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Without a trace, they were suddenly gone. Panic and fear gripped Witchita and Kansas CIty as the realization slow sank in. With exacting precision, Mitrione shows the investigation unfolding, as uncovers information never before made public. Mitrione's story is ultimately one of tragedy, but it's also a story of love and commitment from family, friends, and investigators--all on a mission to find out why four young women were Suddenly Gone.

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